Thorsborg Institute, LLC.

Thorsborg Institute, LLC is a privately held consultancy corporation founded to be a global resource for international trade development for both private and public sector organizations.  Clientele have included multinational corporations, international development agencies, NGOs, governments, financial institutions, and over 500 privately held companies in 98 countries. Thorsborg Institute, LLC’s operating divisions are as follows:

Hydrospace Division:  

Hydrospace Exploration/Training:

Thorsborg Institute LLC.’s is an international maritime services provider for hydrospace research, personnel training and underwater exploration support. Thorsborg Institute, LLC is an active member of the Marine Technology Society, American Academy of Underwater Sciences and the Divers Equipment Marketing Association.  

Divers Alert Network®/ SDI/TDI ®/Medic First Aid®: Thorsborg Institute, LLC is an authorized training site for these certification agencies.

 US Merchant Mariners: Thorsborg Institute, LLC provides licensed deck and engineering Officers and vessels for maritime operations throughout the world.

 REDDE®: is a proprietary system created by the experts at Thorsborg Institute, LLC to provide marine salvage and research data collection methodologies that can be operated anywhere in the world.

Consultancy Division:  

Commercial Global Strategic Planning:

Creation and implementation of global strategic plans for products and/services with competitive research and analysis using established methods and proprietary protocols for consistency and reliability known as:

FLID™: is a proprietary methodology that quantifies due diligence reviews of market position/future strategies for acquisition and/or investment.

SITREP® protocol for industry/financial competitive Intelligence

Governmental Revenue /Duties/Tax Collection Methodologies:

TRADE AUDIT®:  Thorsborg Institute, LLC‘s CEO invented a system of trade analysis/tracking programs   to assure that foreign exchange operations are within the jurisdiction’s published regulations. 

Sanctioned Gaming/Lottery Consultancy

Thorsborg Institute, LLC offers more than three decades of expertise from operations in 98 countries with the following proprietary services to the lottery, sports betting and gaming industry:

FLID© proprietary quantifiable management audit system that includes a specific gaming industry module.

SITAT® proprietary protocol for the creation, adjudication and implementation of a global tender for services/products

Inasmuch as the operations of sanctioned lottery/gaming programs are often one of the largest sources of governmental revenue, we have developed expertise that is unmatched in the industry with our global experience.  Thorsborg Institute LLC’s CEO has started nineteen lotteries throughout the world and has assisted dozens more in organizational, structural and enhancement processes to increase efficiency and financial return to state mandated recipients. Thorsborg Institute, LLC’s CEO is a 1999 recipient of Public Gaming Institute’s Distinguished Lottery Professional Award and is designated as a World Bank lottery/gaming expert to assist in sovereign financial audits. Thorsborg Institute, LLC is an associate member of the World Lottery Association.

Privatization Programs for converting public sector organizations into private sector firms with evaluations and prospectus for privatization of public organization. The firm was involved in dozens of privatization projects resulting from the transformation of communism to capitalism. Thorsborg Institute, LLC’s program is known as:

PRIVAT® protocol for the privatization of public institutions into the private sector




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